We The People need to join together to fix what is broken in Washington DC and get government back to following the Constitution of the United States of America.

A.F.Branco cartoon: "Nobel Bomb"

Nobel Bomb

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A TIME Magazine Cover I'd Like To See

Now if TIME Magazine used this cover, I might actually buy it and read it. OK, maybe I'd steal the doctor's copy.

TIME Magazine cover I'd like to see

Jared Loughner ala Uncle Fester

Jared Loughner, the Tucson Arizona shooter, shaved his head and appeared in court bald. I couldn't help but notice the resemblance to Uncle Fester of the Addams Family TV show. Here's what the great nephew would look like if the show was still on the air today (modernized for current tyrannical EPA standards).

Jared Loughner ala Uncle Fester

If You Touch My Junk... Just in time for holiday traveling!

Just in time for holiday traveling!

Don't fly without your "If You Touch My Junk" shirt!

If You Touch My Junk...

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New Democrat logo is just waiting to be targeted

I can't figure out if the Democrats at the DNC (democrats.org) are just plain dumb or if there's a message behind their new logo. First of all, the design itself. I mean, come on, an 8 year old could have done it! I hope they didn't pay anyone real money to create it.

Here's their old logo next to their new one.


The Audacity to Complain About TEA Party Signs (R)

This is my video response to teapartytracker.org's complaining about "offensive" TEA Party signs.

RATED R! If you don't wish to hear foul language and/or Rap music, mute your sound.

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Is it safe to turn the TV on again? How Stupid Was The Question? He's looking for some ass to kick. Here's my suggestion. The Quicker F*cker Upper Repeal It!

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Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended

Today, Aug 31, 2010, The One (aka 0bummer) gave a primetime speech declaring the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a US Senator and candidate, 0bummer was against President Bush's troop surge plan, saying there was no way it would work. However, as The One sitting in the Oval Office, he let the plan run it's course.. and it did work, as plannned. The One did not give credit to the person responsible for Operation Iraqi Freedom, President George W. Bush. Today, I will thank a Real President for doing what Real Presidents are supposed to do.


Thank You GW!



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