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White House accuses Dems of Russia investigation overkill, vows no ‘do-over’

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 12:16
The White House is pushing back against the slew of Russia probe-related document requests from Democrats on Capitol Hill, accusing the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee of seeking to duplicate Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation for political gain.

Dems pounce on Alabama abortion ban

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 12:11
Harris spoke out on the ban in N.H. Wednesday morning.

On Oaths and God

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 12:00
The attempt to remake our country into a secular wasteland continues unabated.

Lawyer issues warning to Congress on Barr contempt: 'You are heading into a world of hurt'

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 11:50
House Democrats are "heading into a world of hurt" if they escalate their fight with Attorney General Bill Barr over access to the full Robert Mueller report, according to constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley.

Graham unveils bill to end asylum claims at US border, return minors to home countries

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 11:20
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Wednesday unveiled a bill that would end asylum claims from Central America at the border and return unaccompanied minors to their home countries -- a targeted effort to tackle the escalating migration crisis.

Abortion foes eye Supreme Court showdown in wake of Alabama ban

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:52
Pro-life lawmakers in Alabama lit a national firestorm this week by approving a near-total ban on abortion and imposing harsh penalties on doctors who perform the procedure. But supporters of the legislation do not expect it to take effect without a fight -- and that's by design. 

Marc Thiessen: Biden isn't liberal enough for 'resistance' wing of the Democratic Party

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:46
Joe Biden's fellow Democrats are trying to bring him down because he's "too conservative," according to Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen.

Trump campaign keeping millionth MAGA hat under lock and key, for contest giveaway

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:22
The Trump campaign plans to give away, as part of a fundraising contest, the millionth red “MAGA” hat produced by the campaign since 2015. The campaign had Trump sign it.

Mike Pompeo said Iran-backed militias moved rockets near American bases in Iraq

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:18
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Iraqi officials that U.S. intelligence showed Iran-backed militias moved missiles near bases housing American forces, a revelation that came just hours after all non-emergency personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was ordered to leave the country.

Who's in Trump's Cabinet? A full list of the president's top advisers

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:17
President Trump’s Cabinet is made up of department heads and advisers he’s selected – and they all have vastly different backgrounds.

No, Tim Cook Is Not Political

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:58

Andy McCarthy on Brennan criticizing new review of Russia probe's origins: ‘What’s he worried about?’

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:50
Former U.S. attorney and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy said it’s “ridiculous” that some Democrats are complaining about Attorney General William Barr’s review of the origins of the Russia investigation.

Bernie Sanders declares abortion is a ‘constitutional right’

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:43
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday declared abortion is a “constitutional right,” an apparent response to the virtual abortion ban just approved in Alabama. 

President Trump is wrong to count out Beto O'Rourke: Former Obama economic adviser

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:25
As 2020 Democratic hopeful Beto O'Rourke revives interest in his presidential campaign, former economic adviser to Obama Robert Wolf warns that the Texas representative is a force to be reckoned with.

Cotton says America would win war against Iran in 'two strikes'

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:17
Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton predicted in a recent interview that the U.S. would win a war against Iran in “two strikes.”

Health policy analyst: Democrats' so-called 'moderate' plan would 'effectively end' private health care

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:05
Chris Jacobs, the founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group, said Tuesday that "Medicare for America," the latest liberal proposal being pitched as a "moderate path," would "effectively end all private health care for many Americans."

Elizabeth Warren Owes Fox News Employees an Apology

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:02
Im tired of the good, hard-working, regular employees at Fox News being insulted, maligned and judged. It isnt fair and it isnt even smart.

The Folly of Protectionist Tariffs

Cato Recent Op Eds - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 08:07

Michael D. Tanner

Conventional wisdom holds that it is the “elites” who are opposed to President Trump’s protectionist policies, including his recent ramp-up of tariffs on Chinese goods, and it is true, insofar as support for free trade increases with education and income. But the reality is that poor and working-class Americans will be hurt the most by Trump’s trade war.

Trump’s trade war will hurt poor and working-class Americans the most.

Trump’s insistence to the contrary notwithstanding, most of the cost of tariffs is paid by American consumers (through higher prices), not by the countries being sanctioned. For instance, it is estimated that the president’s latest round of tariffs on China will cost the American family an average of at least $767.

But that cost does not fall equally on poor and rich alike. To state the obvious, $767 means a lot more to a poor family struggling to pay its bills than it does to a wealthy one. Moreover, tariffs are more likely to fall on goods and services that the poor depend on, daily necessities of which they often lack a reserve supply.

Consider that among the companies that have announced they will be most impacted by the China tariffs are Walmart, Target, and Costco, none of which are known as the store of choice for global elites.

Studies show that the lower your income is, the harder you’ll be hit by tariffs. Tariffs imposed by Trump last year have already cost poor families 0.33 percent of after-tax income, as opposed to 0.28 percent for wealthy families, and hurt single parents even more than they hurt families. Trump’s latest tariffs will likely be even more regressive. And while each new tariff’s impact is relatively small, they cumulatively take a big hit out of poor people’s income.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is little doubt that an extended trade war with China will damage the broader American economy. Some economists estimate that Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods and China’s retaliatory tariffs on American goods will cost the U.S. economy $62 billion in lost output. One research group, Oxford Economists, fears that if the trade war expands and tariffs on both sides are extended to the full range of traded goods, it could reduce U.S. GDP by more than 2 percent, and even push the U.S. economy into a recession. The Trade Partnership, an industry group, warns that anywhere from 900,000 to 2 million jobs could be at risk if the trade war drags on, roughly eight jobs lost for every job saved. Very few of those lost jobs are held by “elites.”

If we should have learned anything from history, it is that the free market does more to help people escape poverty and move up the economic ladder than the government ever could. On the other hand, government intervention in the market seldom helps the poor and struggling. And once one moves beyond the populist rhetoric, protectionism is no different: The very people whom the president says he is fighting for will end up on the losing end.

Michael Tanner is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the author of The Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America’s Poor.

Why Wisconsin Gov. Evers’ 'Born Alive' Veto Pledge Is Wrong

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 07:55
One of the more surprising political developments of the past several years has been the necessity of legislation prohibiting the slaughter of newborn infants. Even more surprising? This is somehow controversial.


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