2010 elections

Michigan Candidates for Governor 2010 - Where they stand

I will attempt to compile a list of the candidates for Governor of Michigan for the 2010 elections and their stand on various issues.

Please, by all means, suggest other issues that you want to know about. If you know how a candidate stands on an issue, please let me know and provide a link as a reference. Together, we can help educate our voters so they can make an informed decision.

9/12 Candidates in 2010 Races

As I updated my YouAreEitherInOrYouAreOut.com database, I noticed some interesting races coming up in the 2010 elections.  First I must make a disclaimer; if you are a 9/12 Candidate and you don't see your name on the list, it's because all I have to go by is the Gold List at www.912Candidates.org. I know they are in need of more volunteers to process all the contracts they are receiving, so... help them out by finding volunteers for them.

OK, here we go...


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