9/12 Candidates in 2010 Races

As I updated my YouAreEitherInOrYouAreOut.com database, I noticed some interesting races coming up in the 2010 elections.  First I must make a disclaimer; if you are a 9/12 Candidate and you don't see your name on the list, it's because all I have to go by is the Gold List at www.912Candidates.org. I know they are in need of more volunteers to process all the contracts they are receiving, so... help them out by finding volunteers for them.

OK, here we go...

9/12 Candidates’ Convention Announced!

9/12 Candidates’ Convention Announced! -

12 September 2009

9/12 Candidate: Gary Clift | US Congress 10th Dist – CA

From: http://912candidates.org/ca/

About Gary Clift (from cliftforcongress.com)

I was born in California and then spent most of my childhood in third world countries including Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, and Jamaica. In these countries, I experienced firsthand the consequences of failed economies and the dysfunctional political systems which created them. Corruption, nepotism and political cronyism were the norm. As a dependent of a US Foreign Service Officer, I observed the ethos of a devoted public servant who taught me that the right thing to do was not always the easiest thing to do. At a young age, I represented the US in foreign countries and would volunteer in various aspects to promote US interests.

9/12 Candidate: Matt Sakalosky | US Congress 2nd District – NE

issuesmatt1From: 912Candidates.org

Extracted from (mattsak.com)

As a husband and father of four children, Matt lives his core values everyday through his family, friends, and volunteer work in the community.
Click here to hear Matt tell his brief personal story (Video)…

Matt is also a successful entrepreneur and an expert in the Health Care industry. As an owner of a Health Care consulting firm, he has the expertise necessary to help reshape health care for the 21st Century. By understanding the building blocks of running a business, payroll and benefit challenges, and tax policy implications, Matt will be able to provide valuable insight in formulating the right type of reforms needed in Washington D.C.

9/12 Candidate: Rick Flanigan running for Okla's 5th Congressional District

From: Red Dirt Report

Rick Flanigan officially announces today that he has launched his campaign to represent Oklahoma’s 5thCongressional District in the US House of Representatives. 

9/12 Candidate: Paul Lambert | U.S. Congress 6th District – AL

From: 9/12Candidates.org

July 23, 2009

Campaign Pic Large

912Candidates.org is pleased to announce Paul Lambert as a 9/12 Candidate. Here’s a bit more about Paul (extracted from VoteLambert.com)

Paul Lambert, a resident of Shelby County, Alabama, is the oldest son of Phillip and the late Opal Lambert of Birmingham. He has been happily married to his high school sweetheart, the former Tracy Sanders, for almost twenty years. Paul and Tracy are the parents of ten children.

9/12 Candidate: Dr. Rand Paul | US Senate Candidate, first to sign the 9/12 Candidate Contract in Kentucky!

From: 9/12Candidates.org June 25, 2009

8aded4c6-08a1-4102-aa56-7ae3b76d6b15Rand Paul is the third of five children. He grew up in a small town in Texas and attended Baylor University before leaving to go to Duke Medical School. Dr. Paul completed a General Surgery Internship at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta and earned his ophthalmology residency at Duke University.Dr. Paul is married to his loving wife, Kelley Ashby, of Russellville, KY. They have been married for 18 years and have three boys: Will 16, Duncan 13, and Robert 10.

Dr. Paul has owned his own business, performing eye surgery in Bowling Green, KY, for 18 years. He is also the founder of the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that performs eye exams and surgery for less fortunate patients.

9/12 Candidate: Ron Miller for Maryland State Senate, 27th District

From: 912Candidates.org

June 21, 2009

Ron MillerRon Miller of Huntingtown, Maryland signed the 9/12 Pledge as a Republican candidate for the Maryland Senate in District 27.

“The 9/12 Pledge’s principles and values encapsulated the philosophy that has guided me since I broke from the black orthodoxy more than 30 years ago and declared myself to be a conservative and a Republican,” he said. “All of the values my parents instilled in me – the primacy of God in my life, my dignity and value as an individual human being, the rewards of personal responsibility and accountability, and love for my fellow man – were right there in black and white, staring back at me. I didn’t hesitate to sign and submit my pledge and it will be easy for me to uphold its tenets as a servant of the people should God bless me with a victory in 2010.”

The American Standard By Jacob F. Roecker

The American Standard
By Jacob F. Roecker

Delivered in Norman Oklahoma 15 April 2009 6:00pm

In this country we look forward, because forward is the only direction to move. A few weeks ago we were looking forward, and the only people we saw moving in the same direction were the people to our sides. The people who believe the word “citizen” means something.

9/12 Candidate: RJ Harris | U.S. Congress 4th District – OK

From: 9/12Candidates.org April 19, 2009

4th-district-harris-photo912Candidates.org is pleased to announce our first 9/12 Candidate:  RJ Harris.

Mr Harris is running in the fourth congressional district in the state of Oklahoma for the Republican nomination against incumbent Tom Cole.  Mr. Harris identifies himself as the husband to his wife of 18 years, and the father of five children.  He is currently in the Oklahoma National Guard, and has served two deployments to Iraq.


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