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9/12 Candidate: Ron Miller for Maryland State Senate, 27th District


June 21, 2009

Ron MillerRon Miller of Huntingtown, Maryland signed the 9/12 Pledge as a Republican candidate for the Maryland Senate in District 27.

“The 9/12 Pledge’s principles and values encapsulated the philosophy that has guided me since I broke from the black orthodoxy more than 30 years ago and declared myself to be a conservative and a Republican,” he said. “All of the values my parents instilled in me – the primacy of God in my life, my dignity and value as an individual human being, the rewards of personal responsibility and accountability, and love for my fellow man – were right there in black and white, staring back at me. I didn’t hesitate to sign and submit my pledge and it will be easy for me to uphold its tenets as a servant of the people should God bless me with a victory in 2010.”


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