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The Audacity to Complain About TEA Party Signs (R)

This is my video response to teapartytracker.org's complaining about "offensive" TEA Party signs.

RATED R! If you don't wish to hear foul language and/or Rap music, mute your sound.

9/12 Candidates in 2010 Races

As I updated my YouAreEitherInOrYouAreOut.com database, I noticed some interesting races coming up in the 2010 elections.  First I must make a disclaimer; if you are a 9/12 Candidate and you don't see your name on the list, it's because all I have to go by is the Gold List at www.912Candidates.org. I know they are in need of more volunteers to process all the contracts they are receiving, so... help them out by finding volunteers for them.

OK, here we go...

The American Standard By Jacob F. Roecker

The American Standard
By Jacob F. Roecker

Delivered in Norman Oklahoma 15 April 2009 6:00pm

In this country we look forward, because forward is the only direction to move. A few weeks ago we were looking forward, and the only people we saw moving in the same direction were the people to our sides. The people who believe the word “citizen” means something.

Tea Party Signs, etc. for sale

I've made up some TEA Party signs, posters, T-shirts, etc. for the upcoming protests. If you're like me and don't have the time to run around buying poster board and making up a sign, this is a good alternative to making your own. Time is running out for the April 15th rallies! Click on an image to be taken to the store.

If you have a slogan you want on a sign, contact me and I'll have one made up real quick.

Tea Party and 9/12 Group Information

TEA Party and 9/12 Groups can now join in discussions and sharing of information at 912TEAParty.com. Volunteers are needed to help keep the various states information updated. See you there!


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