912 Candidate: Jake Towne | U.S. Congress PA 15th District

912 Candidate: Jake Towne | U.S. Congress PA 15th District - [912candidates.org]

Hello Americans,

I am very pleased to announce that “We the People” have a chance to finally elect a representative that is dedicated to the People, the Constitution and a strong moral commitment to the Principles & Values our Republic was built on. Jake Towne from Nazareth Pennsylvania has signed a morally binding contract from 912candidates.org. This pledge assures the People of the 15th U.S. Congressional District of Pennsylvania, that we no longer have to hope for a candidate to live like we do. With the same morals and standards many Americans live their lives by, whether it be through our churches, families, or communities. Jake Towne is committed to these very same foundations.

As a 912 candidate Jake Town now joins U.S. Senate candidate Peg Luksik as someone we can feel confident in restoring values to the people’s government. Keep looking for more Pennsylvanians to do the same by frequenting www.912candidates.org/pa.

Jake Towne is campaigning for U.S. Congress as an independent private citizen. Under no party does he stand. Only to the People of the 15th district does he lend his ear to and give his voice for. As Jake says ” The intent of my campaign is to become a Congressman who listens to ideas from both you and everyone to create the best possible solutions to our economic, social, political and environmental problems. When elected I will create an “Open Office” – an online forum where anyone can share his or her opinions with me, and makes me accountable to you.” As many of us know with both the current Republican & Democrat parties we have lost our voices. They all tend to serve for the good of their own being. Jake Towne will be no career politician; he will be listening to your comments before considering any re-election. “My aim is to serve as a temporary statesmen and bring the voice of the people to government with a lot of energy”. As a promise, Jake will not enlist in the Congressional Pension Plan that guarantees members up to 80% of their salary in annual pension. When the taxpayers pay Congressmen $174,000 a year, which is already three times what the district’s median household income is, it is no wonder why Jake would like to see these salaries lowered. He has asked a critical question. “how can you believe Congress will tighten the purse-strings on wasteful government spending if Congress fails to start with itself”?

Jake was born in 1979 and was raised in Nazareth, PA. He was raised by his parents with four other siblings, three younger sisters and a brother. As a youth Jake loved reading and participated in many team sports including baseball, football, cross-country and track & field. He was also a member of the high school’s chess team and the locally televised Scholastic Scrimmage teams. He graduated near the top of his class and spoke at his graduation. Jake was then recognized by U.S. Congressman Paul McHale and given a Citizenship Award. After high school Jake then attended Lehigh University on a full scholarship where he graduated with honors and earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. His continued education also took him to Germany where Jake participated as an exchange student at Dortmund University. Also he traveled to Hong Kong on a Martindale Scholarship and wrote a paper on their political system since the British handover to the Chinese.

After college Jake went to work as an engineer with Ablestik Laboratories. First working in California and then nearly four years in Shanghai, China. While living in China he would see first hand what living life without many of the liberties and freedoms we all seem to take for granted could be like. And now seeing some of those same things here in America being infringed upon is what has propelled Jake Towne to stand up and take action.

To learn more about U.S. Congress candidate Jake Towne please visit his website at www.Towneforcongress.com. And soon you will see more information at www.912candidates.or/pa.

Educate yourself on all candidates, do not take the words given to you by someone else. Find out for yourself and vote with confidence. Talk with your neighbors and get involved in protecting and emboldening your communities. After all, the most effective government is the one you have a say in. These governments are of the people, for the people and by the people. Let us join together as a nation and protect what our founding fathers and American patriots fought so hard for, they sacrificed their properties, their families and their blood to secure this great Republic. Do you want it to slip away?

Wayne H Risch Jr
PA Organizer for 912candidates.org
331A East 2nd Street
Berwick, PA 18603

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