9/12 Candidate: Matt Sakalosky | US Congress 2nd District – NE

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As a husband and father of four children, Matt lives his core values everyday through his family, friends, and volunteer work in the community.
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Matt is also a successful entrepreneur and an expert in the Health Care industry. As an owner of a Health Care consulting firm, he has the expertise necessary to help reshape health care for the 21st Century. By understanding the building blocks of running a business, payroll and benefit challenges, and tax policy implications, Matt will be able to provide valuable insight in formulating the right type of reforms needed in Washington D.C.

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On the political front, Matt drew early inspiration from Ronald Reagan and enjoys healthy and honest debate from all sides of the political isle.

Matt Sakalosky
38 years old
Religion: Catholic, St. Stephen’s Parish
President/Founder of National Healthcare Consulting Firm
Grade School- St. Bernadette, Omaha
High School- Daniel J. Gross, Omaha
Post Secondary- University of Nebraska-Omaha, Creighton University, Omaha
Matt has a passion for working with kids and has spent several years as a youth baseball coach.  He is currently the Intramural Basketball coordinator for the St. Stephen’s basketball program and has coached both girls and boys teams for many years.
Matt also has a passion for reading and his favorites include World and American history, current events, and biographies of inspirational personalities.
Matt can often be found on the family boat fishing or skiing.  He also enjoys biking, landscaping, and target shooting.





Theresa Sakalosky-Wife
37 years old
Religion: Catholic, St. Stephen’s Parish
Registered Nurse, BSN
Grade School- Holy Name, Omaha
High School- Holy Name, Omaha and Roncalli, Omaha
Post Secondary- University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Theresa can consistently be found volunteering at St. Stephen’s Elementary school in a variety of ways.  Theresa has also spent many years coaching youth basketball and soccer teams.
She can also be found doing almost any outdoor activity and also loves the family boating excursions.

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