9/12 Candidate: RJ Harris | U.S. Congress 4th District – OK

From: 9/12Candidates.org April 19, 2009

4th-district-harris-photo912Candidates.org is pleased to announce our first 9/12 Candidate:  RJ Harris.

Mr Harris is running in the fourth congressional district in the state of Oklahoma for the Republican nomination against incumbent Tom Cole.  Mr. Harris identifies himself as the husband to his wife of 18 years, and the father of five children.  He is currently in the Oklahoma National Guard, and has served two deployments to Iraq.

His political activity stems from his love of the constitution.  His interest in the constitution began as a young sergeant in the Army when he decided to read the very document he had sworn his life to defend.  Now as a candidate, he describes the mission of his campaign:

The primary mission of this campaign is to elect a Constitutional Conservative to represent the people of the 4th Oklahoma Congressional District. Execution of this mission includes an educational effort to make Oklahomans aware of the liberties that are being robbed from them by a central government, which has been operating outside the strictures of the Constitution for far too long. The Republican Party promised to fight to reduce, restrict, and restrain the size and scope of government and I am running to make good on that promise for the people of the Fourth District. Nearly as important, I intend to carry a message to Washington, from the people of Oklahoma, which puts the US Congress on notice that the days of their infringement into our States Rights and Sovereignty are coming to an end.

When asked why he wanted to become a 9/12 candidate he said “Unless we do something to preserve this Republic, we may not have a Republic left to pass on to our children.

Mr. Harris we salute you for your service to our nation and wish you luck with your campaign.

Download his Signed Contract

Mr. Harris’ links:
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