9/12 Candidate: Rick Flanigan running for Okla's 5th Congressional District

From: Red Dirt Report

Rick Flanigan officially announces today that he has launched his campaign to represent Oklahoma’s 5thCongressional District in the US House of Representatives. 

      Rick Flanigan is a husband, father and grandfather.  He was raised in Oklahoma and graduated from Del City High School in 1987. He left Oklahoma in 1988 to report to boot camp in San Diego, Ca.  After "A" School at Treasure Island, Ca he reported for duty aboard the USS Tarawa as a Damage Controlman where he participated in a six month Western Pacific deployment as well as many other shorter term deployments.

      He was honorably discharged from the US Navy in 1990 and immediately returned to Oklahoma and began a career as a fire alarm technician. In 1996 Rick and his wife Cathie started their own small business that includes a small Mom and Pop retail battery store in Bethany, OK.  They have been in business together since that time and both feel blessed to be able to work together nearly everyday for the last 13 years.

      When asked why he decided to enter the race for the seat being vacated by Congresswoman Mary Fallin in her bid for Governor, Rick Flanigan replied: “I am concerned about the current path our Country is on, I decided that it was time to become more involved in the process.  After attending the Tax Day Tea Party rally at the state capital I began talking with friends and neighbors, looking for a candidate to get behind.  Believing that the best candidate would be one who places preservation of the Constitution and individual freedoms at the top of his list of responsibilities, I came up empty handed.  I do not question the loyalty or intentions of any other candidate and I am not running against anyone; however I know where my loyalties lie. I feel that any candidate should be a person who has never been tainted by the money of special interest.  I have never been apart of the political machine and have only ever sworn one oath, that being to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic, and I reaffirm that oath today as I swear to you that I will do everything in my power as an American, an Okie and as your representative in Congress to defend the rights and freedoms that belong to everyone of us. Make no mistake, the Constitution is under attack and the best way that we can defend her is in the voting booth in 2010.  I only pray that we are not too late. No longer can we stand by as our Liberties are plucked from the tree of freedom like ripe fruit”.

      He continues on to say “We deserve a candidate that we can vote for, instead of voting against another.  The choice should never be between the lesser of two evils and how great it will be if in 2010 you are able to choose the best person for the job from a field of great candidates.  One can hope.  I may not have all of the answers but I am certainly not afraid to ask the questions”.

      The 5th District race promises to be an exciting one as Republicans line up to throw their hat in the ring. Faced with overwhelming competition Rick Flanigan says “I realize that it takes deep pockets to run for Congress and that I lack the personal financing to compete with the professional politicians likely to run for the 5th District seat. I believe that Oklahomans and Americans in general are fed up with the status quo and that big money and special interest can be overcome with hard work.  I intend to work very hard to get the message out and welcome and request the help and support of those who feel the same way.”

      For more information and to follow the Flanigan campaign please visit www.rick2010.com



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