9/12 Candidates in 2010 Races

As I updated my YouAreEitherInOrYouAreOut.com database, I noticed some interesting races coming up in the 2010 elections.  First I must make a disclaimer; if you are a 9/12 Candidate and you don't see your name on the list, it's because all I have to go by is the Gold List at www.912Candidates.org. I know they are in need of more volunteers to process all the contracts they are receiving, so... help them out by finding volunteers for them.

OK, here we go...

Florida has 4, repeat FOUR 9/12 Candidates running for Mel Martinez's (R) Senate seat! They are

You Floridians really have your work cut out for you leading up to the primaries!

Also in Florida we have:
Jose Ruiz (D) trying to unseat incumbent Robert Wexler (D) in FL's 19th District for US House of Representatives.
Yes, it is possible to be a 9/12 Candidate and be a Democrat.
Paul McKain going up against Allen Boyd (D) for the 2nd District.
Michael Yost running against Corrine Brown (D) for the 3rd District.
Troy Stanley is up against Ander Crenshaw (R) for FL's 4th District.

Something tells me Florida is going to be hotter than normal this coming summer!

Mo Brooks is up against incumbent Parker Griffith (D) for US Representative District 5.
Paul Lambert is running against Spencer Bachus (R) for US Representative District 6.

Arizona: Jim Deakin is going to try to take away John McCain's (R) Senate seat!
Both Jesse Kelly and Andy Goss are going up against Gabrielle Giffords' (D) congressional district 8 seat.

California: Gary Clift is running against John Garamendi (D) for CA's 10th District.

Iowa: Dave Funk will be up against Leonard L. Boswell (D) for Iowa's 3rd District.

Illinois: Dr. Eric M. Wallace is running for Roland W. Burris' (D) Senate seat.
Rosanna Pulido will be trying to take Mike Quigley's (D) seat away for the 5th District.
Robert Schilling will be running against Phil Hare (D) for IL's 17th District.

Kentucky: Dr. Rand Paul is running against Jim Bunning (R) for US Senate.

Massachusetts: Earl H. Sholley is up against Barney Frank (D) for 4th District. This is a race we REALLY want to see won by a 9/12 Candidate!

Nebraska: Matt Sakalosky will be running against Lee Terry (R) for NE's 2nd District.

New Mexico: Adam Kokesh is running against Ben Ray Lujan (D) for NM's 3rd District.

New York: Now who can forget Doug Hoffman, running as an Independent, nearly beating out William Owens (D) for New York's 23rd District! Well, he's running for that seat again. He'll win it this time!

Ohio: Dan Moadus (D) will be running against Tim Ryan (D) for Ohio's 17th District.

We have Daniel (Dan) Allen Arnett and Howard W. Houchen both running against Dan Boren (D) for OK's 2nd District, and...
RJ Harris running against Tom Cole (R) for the 4th District and...
Rick Flanigan up against Mary Fallin (R) for the 5th District.

We have Jaynee Germond going up against Peter DeFazio (D) for their 4th District.

Pennsylvania: Peg Luksik is going up against the infamous Arlen Specter (R/D/R/D) for US Senate!
Also in PA we have Jake Towne running against Charlie Dent (R) for the 15th District.

Tennessee: Donald Strong is going against Lincoln Davis (D) for TN's 4th District.

Texas: Tyler Russell against Kevin Brady (R) for the 8th District.

Virginia: We have Bradley S. Rees running for the 5th District and Jim Trautz for the 10th District.

Wisconsin: Dave Westlake is going up against Russ Feingold for US Senate.

Governor Races
Georgia: John Oxendine
Illinois: Dan Proft
Texas: Debra Medina

2010 will indeed be an interesting year at the ballot box!

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