AIG Bonuses: Blame Geithner


People seem to be forgetting Geithner's role in bailing out AIG

From The American Spectator, November 24, 2008:

Geithner became the go-to guy for failing financial firms, and was at the "center of action" for the AIG bailout, according to the New York Post. He "quarterbacked and advised" the government's "taking control of tottering insurance giant AIG for a bailout deal," the Post wrote. But more and more, it looks like [Henry] Paulson and Geithner "quarterbacked" with a flawed playbook with AIG that moved the meltdown much further down the goal line.

Geithner was the architect of the AIG bailout.

He hammered out the deal. He was at the "center of the action."

Complaints about contractual obligations for millions in bonuses to be dispensed after AIG was saved thanks to the $170 billion taxpayer bailout should be submitted to Geithner.

His fingerprints are all over the AIG bailout.

Geithner is incompetent. But we were told he was the ONLY person that could save the economy. He has 17 top level positions in the Treasury that still haven't been filled. He's working all alone. Why? Either everyone considered is a tax-evader, a crook or they don't want to work with someone that's incompetent and has no plan.


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