America Rising Video An Open Letter to Democrats



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Originally posted and then taken down....apparently its back, but its too good to let it disappear. So here it is, originally posted by Buckrush. A message to the Democrats in power. You are on notice. We are coming for your jobs now. Start packin, you're fired.

2-9-2010 ---A tad bit more information... Buckrush was the poster who originally posted this. It was taken down after a few hours. I contacted him and he sent me a new link to the video, which I then immediately downloaded and re-posted in order to help keep it up on the web.

Anyone who has been paying any sort of attention at all knows that a large number of things have been removed and "scrubbed " from the internet. So if you can. when you find something good like this video Buckrush posted, download it and save it.

This congress is covering up a huge issue, there is a reason they are acting with no regard to the constitution. It's because they are no longer bound by it. Start asking why the founders would want to make certain, that no one who had held a citizenship other than 100% American from birth, could be POTUS. To know as well as they could the loyalty of the person who would lead the Armies of the Nation. Only a person who had singularly and solely held citizenship of the United States....

Congress and the White House are ignoring the constitution, because they aren't bound by it. The "president" was born British and American, and from the instant of his birth could never have been a Natural Born Citizen.

Don't wonder for an instant why they are doing this to us... Nothing is stopping them, because they got away with breaking the constitution... Forget the birth certificate, its irrelevant. It just keeps people distracted from THIS issue, and gives liberals the ability to mock "birthers" I am no birther, I am a constitutionalist, and the founders wanted to prevent any sort of dual citizen from running this Nation.

That is the issue. Wonder why congress is doing all this...? why they can...? This is your answer


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