Democrats CUT Food Stamps to PAY for Union Teacher's Jobs!

When Nancy Pelosi called our representatives back to Washington DC (408 of them at taxpayer expense) to vote on the $26 billion state bail-out bill to re-hire laid off teachers, guess how they paid for those teachers' jobs? Cuts in Food Stamps! $10 BILLION worth cut!

"The legislation provides $10 billion to school districts to rehire laid-off teachers or ensure that more teachers won't be let go before the new school year begins." [Story]

How's that Hope and Change working out for YOU? 

Here's what else was in that bill. $16 billion for Medicaid, but it's really to keep MORE union workers employed.

"Another $16 billion would extend for six months increased Medicaid payments to the states. That would free up money for states to meet other budget priorities, including keeping more than 150,000 police officers and other public workers on the payroll."

And now we learn that the $16B will be paid for over the next 10 years with new taxes. But the money will run out in 6-8 months! What will they do after that? Another bail-out?

And... if that's not bad enough, this means these union workers will be paying union dues, which will be used to pay for Democratic candidates election campaigns, just in time for the mid-term elections in November. So thanks to those of you on Food Stamps and every tax-paying American, regardless of party affiliation, the Democrats will have more money to run campaign ads!

How's that Hope & Change working out for YOU?

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