My Facebook Account Has Been Disabled!

If you're looking for me on Facebook, you won't find me. For some reason, on the night of April 28, 2010, Facebook decided to disable my account. No e-mail, no warning, no reason given. When I went to log in on the morning of April 29th, I received the message ...

Account Disabled

Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

I sent a request for an appeal and reason, but so far, no response.



"A fool and his money are soon elected" - Will Rogers

"Politics is simple; if you want to go forward, vote D, if you want to go in reverse you go in R." - Woody Gutherie "A GREAT MANY PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE THINKING WHEN THEY ARE REALLY REARRANGING THEIR PREJUDICES."- William James "Having George W. Bu$h giving a lecture on business ethics is like a leper give you a facial, it just doesn't work." - Robbin Williams Not all idiots are Republican but all Republicans are most certainly idiots. "When ignorance get's started it knows no bounds." - Will Rogers Take for instance, the TEAbaggers... "A fool and his money are soon elected." - Will Rogers But now the GOP has the Citizens United decision to fill their candidate's coffers w/ unlimited amounts of money from corporations. They just put their K street lobbyists out of business though. "It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so." - Will Rogers This is so true of the FOX Noise Channel viewers.

You are the fool! lol

You are the fool! lol D=Dumbass, Destruction, Dictator; R=Restore. Bush's biggest defecit, $384B, 0bummers', $1.4T. Anyone that's voting Democrat anymore is either a communist or a useful idiot to the communists. Do your homework and look up the names Antonio Gramsci, Liberation Theology, Karl Marx, Lenin, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, ACORN, SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), Weather Underground, Fabian Society, etc. So what are you, a communist that agrees with the above mentioned or a useful idiot that has no idea about the above?

Facebook was so kind to

Facebook was so kind to unblock my account, but under one condition... use my real name.  Their TOS agreement states you mush use your real name, fictitious names are not allowed. Take this as a warning to my friends with cool fake names... they may take a dislike your name, especially if it has a conservative bend to it. Oh, if you do post something dirogitory about our leader, no not use "President Barack Obama" in the post or it will show up on his FB page. I think this is what got their attention with me.

Due to thier TOS, they, not I, changed my account name to Joel Munn.  Due to this, I have created a fan page named WashingtonIsBroke, which they allowed.


FB Friend

I was wondering what happened to you!! FB will not allow me to join anymore groups or Fan Pages...could you send me an invite to your Fan Page? Send it to Ellen Snyder (West Palm Beach FL)! Happy you are alive and well...xoxo


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