Obama's New Flag

I'm sure you've all seen the news about Obama's new desecrated flag design... that he's hawking to raise funds for the mansion he wants to move into in Hawaii... in January 2013. In light of this, I've created a few images to show how I feel about this. Feel free to download and share. Click on images to view full size and download.

Obama personally endorses desecrated flagObama personally endorses desecrated flag

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Obama's vs America's and Romney's flag
A Flag you can Burn: Download it, print it, set up camera, set it on fire, take photo, share photo on my Facebook page.


Obama Empty High Chair Flag


One Nation Under Obama



Obama - Sick of Me Yet?

This one available as a Yard Sign. Just $17.99.


And as a Facebook Cover photo.


In addition, I created some images related to the terrorist attack in Lybia.

Obama Lied, An Ambassador Died


Obamas Foreign Policy Achievements In One Picture


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