Ron Paul: Irrelevant (goes for Gary Johnson, too)

I have come to the conclusion that we no longer need to convince Ron Paul supporters to come over to the dark side in order to beat 0beyme. Between 0beyme beating himself (he'll have low voter turnout) and the addition of Ryan to the GOP ticket (VP picks do matter this time) we're going to have a Reaganesque landslide. They are now irrelevant. They can go ahead and write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson. They can spend the next 8 years knowing their vote made absolutely no difference... again. They will prove once again that they can't punish the GOP.

There, I feel better already knowing I no longer need to argue with them. Now I can focus on taking back the GOP from the elitists and taking back the USA from the communists. Don't you feel better now, too? :)

Now get off your butt on Nov 6th and vote Romney/Ryan!

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