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Protesters form a human wall to mock Trump's border plan

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:53
A few dozen demonstrators holding banners printed with a red-brick design formed a human wall Wednesday to mock Donald Trump's plan to seal off the Mexican border as another day of protests got underway in the streets outside the Republican convention.

Melania Trump speechwriter admits 'mistake' in lifting Michelle Obama lines

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:50
A speechwriter for Melania Trump took the blame Wednesday for lifting passages from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, saying she made a “mistake” and apologizing – while saying she offered her resignation, but it was rejected.

Caitlyn Jenner: Easier to come out as trans than Republican

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:27
Prodding her party, Caitlyn Jenner said Wednesday it was easier to come out as transgender than as a Republican and conceded Democrats promote more inclusive policies.

Senators urge FCC to expand mobile broadband for farmers

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:22
A newly formed Senate Broadband Caucus is pushing the Federal Communications Commission to prioritize mobile broadband deployment in agricultural areas.

Christie convicts Clinton, but was he 'guilty' of going too far?

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:08
Chris Christie wasn’t the only one prosecuting the case against Hillary Clinton last night—Ben Carson tossed out a reference to Lucifer—but he was clearly the lead attorney.

Missed Opportunities: From Rudy to Melania, the message doesn't always break through

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 11:00
Political conventions wash over us with waves of speeches and spectacle, pageantry and punditry, but in the end they’re about a few moments.

Will Cruz come around? All eyes on senator's prime-time convention address

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 10:19
The Trump train’s about to leave the station, and at least one question remains: will it leave without Ted Cruz, or will Trump’s bitter rival climb on board?

The Truth About What Happened At StemExpress

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 09:35
This email exchange is included in the interim report issued last week by the House Select Investigative Panel probing the alleged -- and illegal -- sale of aborted fetal tissue. 2016-07-20T00:01:00-04:00 2016-07-20T14:35:19Z Frank Pavone

Local And State Officials “Just Say No” To The Department Of Education

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 08:35
Piercing the gloom of the current educational and political landscape are a few glimmers of hope. 2016-07-20T00:01:00-04:00 2016-07-20T13:35:21Z Emmett McGroarty

Who gets Absolute Moral Authority?

Michelle Malkin - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 08:33

From the vintage Hot Air Absolute Moral Authority card collection, 2006

Who gets Absolute Moral Authority?
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2016

My 12-year-old son couldn’t remember the phrase “take a walk down memory lane” last week, instead describing a stroll through “nostalgia road.” I knew it would come in handy.

Put on your hiking boots and join me for an educational trip down good ol’ nostalgia road.

It seems like yesterday when Champion of Wimmin Maureen Dowd, bemoaning the lack of sympathy for anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan, declared in The New York Times that “the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute.”

No ifs, ands or other hedging qualifiers. Absolutely absolute.

And it was just a blink of an eye ago that the same New York Times spilled barrels of adulatory ink on the 9/11 widows known as the Jersey Girls. Remember them? The quartet of Democratic women parlayed their post-terror attack plight into powerful roles as Bush-bashing citizen lobbyists.

Their story, the lib narrative-shaping paper of record reported, was a “tale of a political education, and a sisterhood born of grief.”

Moms and widows deserved special consideration in the public square, the argument went a decade ago. Their experience and their testimony warranted respect, deference and the national spotlight.

But then, as now, only a special class of victims is entitled to cash in the Absolute Moral Authority card. Not all parents and spouses who have lost loved ones can join the Club of the Unquestioned and Unassailable.

On Monday night at the Republican National Convention, Pat Smith shared her own tale of a political education born of grief after her diplomat son, Sean Smith, died in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton, she passionately insisted, “deserves to be in stripes!”

GQ sports writer Nathaniel Friedman showed his compassion for Smith’s loss and pain by tweeting, “I don’t care how many children Pat Smith lost I would like to beat her to death.”

MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who had helped make Cindy Sheehan a media star and urged her to run for Congress based on her status as a grieving war mom, fumed that Pat Smith had “ruined” the entire convention with her heartfelt testimony. The smug Democratic political operative turned TV bloviator, who had also elevated the Jersey Girls’ celebrity status with multiple bookings on his show, couldn’t bear to speak Smith’s name:

“I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother, has felt. Her emotions are her own, but for the country in choosing a leader, it’s wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chimed in on the same network that he was disgusted with how the GOP convention was using Smith to “exploit a tragedy.”

GOP-bashers heaped similar derision on father Jamiel Shaw Sr. and mothers Sabine Durden and Mary Ann Mendoza, who all spoke at the convention about losing children to criminals who had slipped illegally through open borders and revolving deportation doors. “Progressives” sneered at Shaw as an “Uncle Tom” for pointing out that Latino gangbangers targeted his black son because of his race. The intolerant tolerance mob also accused Durden of being “fooled” and Durden and Mendoza of being “exploited for apocalyptic theater.”

Will these horrified hang-wringers be as outspokenly offended next week when the Democratic National Convention dedicates an entire evening to the so-called Mothers of the Movement?

Among the sainted moms of the Black Lives Matter movement who will speak on Hillary Clinton’s behalf are Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; and Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland.

Each of these cases lumped under supposedly unjustified gun violence and systemic racism is complicated and distinct. For starters, Bland hanged herself when her friends and family wouldn’t bail her out of jail after she had kicked a police officer. Two of the “children” involved in police shootings (Brown and Hamilton) had assaulted cops during their fatal encounters.

But drop all questions and doubts. “These mothers have worked tirelessly to raise awareness around the issues that surround their children’s deaths,” the liberal Huffington Post reports.

Because these women endorse race-baiting, gun-grabbing narratives and left-wing candidates, no one working in the mainstream media will ever challenge their parental prerogative to participate in politics on behalf of their loved ones.

Moms who have lost their children to Democratic incompetence, corruption and open-borders treachery are out of luck. The dealers of Absolute Moral Authority play with a loaded deck.

GOP Convention Has Become a Stomach-Churning Affair

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 07:35
CLEVELAND -- It was reported late in the second day of the GOP convention that a large number of Republican National Committee staffers were stricken with the norovirus. Most commonly associated with the sorts of gastrointestinal crises aboard cruise ships that attract wall-to-wall CNN coverage, the norovirus is known for inducing bouts of "explosive diarrhea and vomiting," according to various news reports. 2016-07-20T00:01:00-04:00 2016-07-20T12:35:20Z Jonah Goldberg

After Failed Coup, Turkey's President Must Respect Democracy

TownHall Latest columns - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 07:35
In the first critical hours of last week's attempted military coup, the vast majority of Turkish citizens made it clear that when it comes to changing government leaders, they believe in ballots, not bullets. 2016-07-20T00:01:00-04:00 2016-07-20T12:35:20Z Austin Bay

Technical glitch puts GOP convention tweets on Biden's account

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 05:23
How did videos from the Republican National Convention end up on one of Vice President Joe Biden's Twitter accounts?

Comforting: Obama reminds America’s police he’s ‘got their back’ — Also, if they like their plan they can keep it

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 23:41

**Written by Doug Powers

If anybody’s trying to find me, I’ll be the one curled up in the fetal position laughing like Woody Woodpecker for the next several hours:

President Barack Obama wrote an open letter to the nation’s law enforcement community on Facebook, encouraging them, thanking them for their “courageous service” and ending it by writing, “We have your backs.”
“Some are trying to use this moment to divide police and the communities you serve,” Obama wrote. “I reject those efforts, for they do not reflect the reality of our Nation. … As we bind up our wounds, we must come together to ensure that those who try to divide us do not succeed.”

Don’t be divisive. The Great Divider has spoken!

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

GOP brass rally party behind Trump after convention nomination

Fox News (Politics) - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 23:15
Republican congressional leaders, joined by vanquished primary candidates, immediately worked to rally the party behind Donald Trump Tuesday night after their national convention formally nominated him for president – with House Speaker Paul Ryan calling on voters to hit the polls like never before and “see this thing through.”

Kaine, Vilsack at top of Clinton's running mate list, sources say

Fox News (Politics) - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 23:15
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack have emerged as the top two choices to be Hillary Clinton's running mate on the Democratic ticket, campaign sources told Fox News Tuesday.

French Government All Too Willing To Accept Terrorism

TownHall Latest columns - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 22:35
Just when I was starting to wonder if I was spending too much time writing about terrorism in France, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel of Tunisia climbed into a cargo truck and mowed down a crowd during Bastille Day fireworks in the French city of Nice, killing 84 people and injuring at least 303 more. 2016-07-19T15:00:00-04:00 2016-07-20T03:35:13Z Rachel Marsden

Don't Reform The Fed, Fed-Exit

TownHall Latest columns - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 22:35
Opponents of a central bank should take advantage of the post-Brexit vote revival of secessionist sentiments to promote a secession from central banking, or Fed-exit. Ending the Federal Reserve's monopoly on money is the key to restoring and maintaining our liberty and prosperity. 2016-07-19T12:37:00-04:00 2016-07-20T03:35:13Z Ron Paul

Taxpayer Money Being Wasted on Junk Science

TownHall Latest columns - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 22:35
As I poured myself a third cup of coffee in a row, I began to worry because I remembered a Government Study from the World Health Organization claiming I would soon have cancer from drinking that coffee. Then I discovered new data and so-called findings coming from the same international organization that claims the opposite. Which to believe? 2016-07-19T12:04:00-04:00 2016-07-20T03:35:13Z Steve Sherman

GOP Convention 2

TownHall Latest columns - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 22:35
To sort of plagiarize Donald Trump: "I'm so right, I'm getting tired of being so right." 2016-07-19T11:42:00-04:00 2016-07-20T03:35:13Z Rich Galen


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