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GOP legislation would cut off Holder's salary

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 03:59

A Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that would cut off pay to Attorney General Eric Holder and other federal officials who have been held in contempt of Congress.

IRS considers taxing work perks like food, gym memberships

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 02:15

In competitive job markets like Silicon Valley, companies are doing everything they can to entice the best and brightest -- offering freebies that have become the stuff of legend. But the taxman could soon crack down.

Bloomberg to spend $50M on new gun control effort in challenge to NRA

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 00:56

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $50 million this year to build a nationwide grassroots network on gun control in a direct challenge to the National Rifle Association, The New York Times reported.

Detroit strikes two deals over pensions with police, firefighters, other former employees

Fox News (Politics) - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 00:39

The city of Detroit reached tentative agreements to preserve pensions for retired police office and firefighters but cut monthly payments for other former employees, key deals that could accelerate the largest public bankruptcy in U.S. history, officials said Tuesday.

Debunking the Blame Righty propagandists…again

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 23:23


Here we go again. Liberal media outlets CNN and MSNBC have joined forces with the biased, numbers-cooking Southern Poverty Law Center and New America Foundation to foment renewed fear and hatred of conservative Americans.

Their latest talking point: “Right-wing” terrorists have caused more American deaths than Islamic jihadists since 9/11.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.10.36 AM

CNN ran with the “story” first. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow hopped on the bandwagon tonight and the Blame Righty echo chamber is whipping up another witch-hunt frenzy.

According to these divisive and demagogic fear-mongers, “right-wingers” have killed 34 people since 9/11 for “political reasons,” including the three innocent victims of last week’s Kansas City Jewish community center shootings, while jihadists have killed 21. MSNBC and CNN viewers are eating it all up with ghoulish enthusiasm. It’s the Obama DHS right-wing terrorism report all over again.

A closer look at the rigging of this latest phony factoid simply confirms the malevolent intention of so-called objective journalists to marginalize conservative political speech and dissent. And it confirms once again the corruption of purportedly objective “hate watch” groups, which are staffed and supported by progressives bent on criminalizing their opponents out of the public square.

Let’s start with the terror toll count date. Carving out the 2,997-person death toll from the 9/11 jihadist attacks is a rather convenient way to rig the scales, isn’t it? Only if we close our eyes and pretend away the bloodiest terrorist attack on American soil perpetrated by Islamic murderers is it possible to promote the Left’s moral equivalency on who are real enemies are.

Once you whitewash 9/11 out of your calculations, the rest of the smear job is easy-peasy. As usual, it involves dishonest inflating of “right-wing” incidents and dishonest deflating of left-wing and jihadist incidents.

The conservatives-are-worse-than-jihadists casualty data, for example, counts Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn, who killed a heroic security guard, as a “right-winger.” As I’ve pointed out before, Von Brunn was neither “left” nor “right.” He was a rage-filled maniac and 9/11 truther who hated Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.

Also counted as “right-wing” in the CNN/MSNBC/SPLC data: Andrew Joseph Stack. He’s the lunatic who flew a small plane into an Austin, Texas, office complex that contained an Internal Revenue Service office in 2010. He injured several people and killed himself. Within minutes of the story breaking, a furious left-wing blogger at the popular Daily Kos website — where countless Democratic leaders have guest-posted — fumed: “Teabagger terrorist attack on IRS building.” The article immediately cast blame on the anti-tax Tea Party movement: “After months of threats on the United States government, and government institutions, the Anti-Government forces known as the teabaggers have struck with their first 911 (sic) inspired terrorist attack.” But as I reported at the time, Stack’s ranting suicide manifesto:

…targeted “puppet” George W. Bush, murderous health care insurers and the pharmaceutical industry.

The “manifesto” ended:

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

The CNN/MSNBC/SPLC conjurers also listed Robert Andrew Poplawski as “right-wing.” He was the disgruntled, unemployed loser who shot and killed three Pittsburgh police officers in a horrifying bloodbath in 2009. Left-wing publications asserted that the “heated, apocalyptic rhetoric of the anti-Obama forces,” along with Fox News and Glenn Beck, motivated Poplawski to slay the officers. But as I reported at the time, Poplawski was a dropout from the Marines who threw a food tray at a drill instructor, had beaten his girlfriend, and demonstrated violent, racist tendencies that had nothing to do with politics. What precipitated the shootout? No, not conservative cable TV or radio. It was a family argument. Poplawski was outraged that his mother wanted to kick his unemployed ass out of the house.

Another serial woman abuser, Joshua Cartwright, also murdered 2 police officers in the aftermath of a domestic violence call. Left-wing operatives focused on a single remark from Cartwright’s victim about his views on Obama to paint him as a “right wing radical,” whitewashing his long history of violence against his partner and senseless paranoia.

And the same Blame Righty mob so quick to seize on any mention of any conservative pundit, politician, or news outlet that might possibly hint at any possible culpability for a violent attack remained stone-silent about the Kansas City Jewish community center shooter’s promotion and celebration of the writings of left-wing, anti-Israel sleazeball Max Blumenthal, son of Clintonite operative Sidney Blumenthal.

On the other side of the ledger, the CNN/MSNBC/SPLC activists omit several significant jihadist-linked terrorist events, most significantly as John Sexton at Breitbart.com points out, the blood-stained Beltway snipers:

The most striking omission from the NAF list of jihadist attacks is John Allen Muhammad, the Muslim sniper who killed 10 strangers in the DC metro area back in 2002. While no definite motive for the killing spree was ever determined, Muhammad’s accomplice Lee Malvo made numerous references to Osama bin Laden and jihad in writings he made in prison after the killings. According to the NY Times, Muhammad was eligible for the death penalty in Virginia because the jury agreed he had committed an “act of terrorism.”

In 2002, one commentator connected Muhammad to a series of attacks inspired by al Qaeda. He wrote “John Allen Muhammad, the Washington DC sniper, who has reportedly expressed admiration for the al Qaeda hijackers, also seems to fit this worrisome new pattern.” The author of that piece on “Al Qaeda 2.0″ was Peter Bergen.

As I reported at the time, John Lee Muhammad’s Islamist, anti-white, anti-American hate-mongering drove the deadly fall 2002 plot:

Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its “slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy” and his belief that “the white man is the devil”, planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.
Malvo alleged that Muhammad had said: “We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorise these people.”

They then intended to move to Baltimore for stage two of their campaign, to shoot a policeman and then blow up explosives at his funeral.

More explosives would target the ambulances that would then rush to the funeral. Another plan to kill three busloads of schoolchildren was thwarted because the pair were arrested when Malvo fell asleep while keeping watch at a Maryland petrol station.

Muhammad’s ultimate plan, Malvo testified, was to indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a Canada compound who would “shut things down” in cities across America, unless they received £5 million.

And conspirator Lee Malvo’s “Allah Akbar…jihad…servant of Allah/bin Laden” jailhouse drawings spoke for themselves:



An honest accounting of “right wing” vs. jihadist violence would have left out the 10 people mentioned above who were murdered by erratic loons whose mental problems and rage blurred or transcended political ideology — and then added the 10 innocents who died in the Beltway sniper shootings in October 2002 at the hands of the self-proclaimed servants of Allah in the proper column.

That would flip the “right-wingers”-vs.-jihadists casualty count from 34-21 to 24-31.

Which, of course, understates the real figure when you account for the 2,997 who died at the hands of Islamic jihadists on 9/11:

24 to 3,028.

The dishonesty of violence-politicizing leftists — once again forcing Americans of good will to defend themselves against conniving “hate watch” haters — is beyond sickening. It’s evil.

Did Professor Advocate Censorship of Conservative Student Newspaper?

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Overtaxed and Underpaid

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Tax Refund Siezure

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On Tax Day, the RNC Is Suing the IRS

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Obama and the Politics of Race

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Statistical Frauds

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Dems Play Politics With Bogus 77-cent Differential in Male-Female Pay

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Russia Vows to "Protect Protesters" From Ukrainian Violence

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There is no sign of tension easing in the Ukraine today. Russia promises to protect the protesters from violence as the Separatists Defy Ukraine Deadline. 2014-04-15T00:01:00-04:00 2014-04-16T03:35:04Z Mike Shedlock

15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

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Media Watches Obama’s Child-Like Foreign Policy with Bewilderment

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Longing for Tax Freedom

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GOP, Don't Be Comforted by Sebelius' Resignation

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As horrible as Kathleen Sebelius has been as this nation's health and human services secretary, she has been exactly who President Barack Obama has wanted her to be. 2014-04-15T00:01:00-04:00 2014-04-16T03:35:04Z David Limbaugh

What the Left Did Last Week

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