Is it too early? Hell no! Palin/West 2016!

Washington Is Broke. For another 4 years. Not only fiscally ($16.4T in debt), but politically and morally. We can thank the low-information voters (the dumbasses that can't even name the VP) and the socialists (they know they are, but won't admit it publicly) for voting for 0bama. We can thank the moderate squishy liberal Republican (in name only) voters (if you voted for Romney in the primaries, I'm talking about you) and the establishment GOP/RNC (think Rove, Priebus, Anusiz) for forcing the moderate squishy liberal Romney on us, as if he'd do any better then McCain. Yeah, the loser to the loser.

What we need is a real conservative. Someone that is FOR "We The People", for smaller government, for our constitutional rights, for freedom of (not from) religion. The last time we had such a person, the establishment GOP tried three times to keep him off the ballot. It didn't work the third time and that person won massively. That person was Ronald Reagan.

So to make our voices heard and heard early by the establishment GOP, I'm starting this campaign off NOW! We're not going to fight you for three election cycles to get the person we need now. Let's get this done in one. Cue Sarah Palin.. the next President of the United States of America.

Palin/West 2016

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